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Audrey Marlene's Life Alert Bulletin, LAB Ezine
June 15, 2007
Dear Suscriber

I realize the importance of our thought patterns in establishing and sticking with the plans we make for our lives. Negative thought patterns will sabotage and hinder any potential you have for succeeding in life.

Use the information below to reexamine your choice of how you view life and the people with whom you associate.

Negative Thought Patterns

There is so much talk nowadays about changing one’s thought patterns. All the hype is warranted and should be taken seriously. However, what is someone is unaware that they need to change their negative thought patterns?

It is easy for us to recognize other people’s negative words and behaviors but are you aware of how you are perceived by others?

I have come in contact with many people who continue their same negative thought patterns year in and year out. Here are some ways to identify negative thought patterns. Maybe you know someone or maybe that someone is you.

  • Criticizes others- This individual very rarely has something nice to say about someone. They criticize their own friends, coworkers, or family.

  • Judgmental- This person has a difficult time with people who are different than they are. They see someone, quickly make a subjective assessment of that person and pass judgment on them. Their judgment of others is a projection of their own feelings of inferiority.

  • Not many friends- A negative person eventually loses all her friends. When you first meet someone the friendship is exciting. As you begin to get to know that person, the attacks, or judgments on you become more frequent.

  • Sarcasm- Negative people use sarcasm quite often. At times their sarcasm comes across as funny but their sarcasm eventually becomes ugly and directed at others.

  • Never talks about themselves- These people always want to know about your goals and plans but they never reveal anything about themselves.

  • Are you happy? - Negative people always asks others “are your happy”? This is their way of doing a comparison check.

  • Puts others down- Negative people cannot handle other people’s success especially that of their friends. They cannot pay commendations to others who have achieved success.

  • Complain- Negative people turn every conversation into an opportunity to complain about something.

    What I have provided here are just some ways to detect negativity in your life or of others you associate with. Be careful when associating with these kinds of people. They cannot help to a higher level of existence. They will only bring your down.

    The first step to changing your negative patterns is to choose the people you associate with. Choose to associate with positive, goal-oriented, uplifting people.

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