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February 15, 2010

Building Momentum

February 2010 Newsletter

As you attempt to get your momentum started in 2010 there are some basic things that must be done first. Many of us may have achieved success in the past years and will continue just where we left off. Others may not have achieved their goals and are faced with some tough decisions. Some may be faced with uncertainty and unsure where to begin.

When at such a juncture, the best thing to do is to go back in time to identify the lessons needed to be learned. The experiences we have had good or bad are life's lessons to guide us in making better choices for the future. Before you can get your momemtum in high gear, it's time to look back to see what you have learned.

  • Look back to where you may have faltered. Try to identify where you went wrong.
  • Identify areas where you excelled. Build upon these strengths and see this is as a positive attribute.
  • Identify areas where you struggled. Determine if you need help in this area or if you should abandon this idea. Decide on the kind of help you need, maybe a consultant, taking a course, returning to school, or a coach.
  • Look back at the unfinished tasks. How important are these tasks to you? How can you make greater progress? Determine what is needed to complete them and if outside help is needed.
  • Look back on your emotional state of health. Are you certain you have the emotional stability to carry on? Is there something in your past that needs to be resolved that may be getting in the way?
  • Is there something you recognize that has prevented you from moving forward - maybe an illness, addiction, or a bad relationship? If so, it's time to face the truth and seek the help you need.

    Besides gaining retrospective insight and making goals, one important element that can help to get you started is to decide right now how you want to feel this time next year. If you are feeling accomplished, you know you have a winning formula. Keep at it and keep fine tuning it so you can continue these feelings. If you are feeling disappointed, think about how you would like to feel and work to avoid these feelings. If you are feeling disappointed with the strides you made last year, take a look at what caused you to feel this way.

  • Analyze the choices you made. Was it some poor choices that led to your feelings of disappointment? How could you have made better choices and what would they be? If you had made these better choices would it have changed the outcome and would you be feeling disappointed today?
  • What can you do today to avoid feeling disappointed this time next year? Make a list.
  • Indicate the things that interfere with your ability to feel satisfied, accomplished, or successful? How do you plan to cope with these elements that impede you progress?
  • How do you want to feel this time next year? Do you want to feel accomplished, empowered? Write it down on a large piece of paper and be reminded each day of this. How do you plan to achieve this feeling? How badly do you want to feel this?

    In getting this year started on the right path, it is critical that you look back on the past year and identify the fears that seeped into your plans. By recognizing these fears you are better positioned to take action and overcome them. If you are unaware of the fears that held you back in past year, they can continue to sabotage any plans you may be making for this year. Take a look at the fears that interfered with your progress last year. What were you afraid of?

  • Was it a fear of success?
  • A fear of not being good enough?
  • A lack of self-confidence that injected fear and caused you to doubt your abilities?
  • A fear of making wrong choices?
  • A fear of being rejected?

    Once you are familiar with your fears envision them removed from your success equation and foresee how further along you would be in achieving your goals without them. This can give you the motivation you need to conquer your fears. Once the fears are gone you are ready to get started on a journey of great accomplishments this year.

    You are now aware of the lesson learned over the past year. You know how you want to feel this time next year and you've identified your fears. Now you feel ready to get this year started on a positive note. However, there is one thing that seems to still hold you back that you cannot seem to identify. Could it be procrastination? Many plans and goals fail to reach fruition or do not happen as quickly as you hoped because we can find many reasons to procrastinate, which puts off getting started.

    When getting started on your goals you can often find reasons to procrastinate. Examine your goals and identify any possible reasons that can cause you to procrastinate. Once you have and can work to resolve them you are in better positioned to begin. As you get started on your goals, I pray that all my subscribers will achieve the kind of success they aspire to this year.

    To Your Success!
    Audrey Marlene

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