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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
December 15, 2007

Let Go of Fear

Fear has a way of injecting psychological toxins into our subconscious that acts like a handcuff, restraining our ability to achieve our goals. Although many fears are perceived, they seem so real. This perceived fear plays games with our minds, robbing us of any rational thoughts we need to cherish in order to move ahead.

In order to make the bridge from ambition to achieving your plan, you must deal with the fear factor in your life. You may feel fearless in other areas of life but in this area of goal attainment there is something sabotaging you every time. That something is fear. Let us look at some ways to let go of fear.

Overcoming Fear

Remember having fears is a normal part of what makes us human. It is an emotion just like love, happiness, or sadness. The problem arises when fear has so much control over your life that it hinders your ability to succeed at achieving your goals. The most successful people have fears. They just NEVER let their fears hold them back.

You must first make that decision for change. You must choose whether to allow your fears to ruin any plans you have for the future or to break free of them. It is a choice, yes a choice you must make. Spend some time alone to look way down into the recesses of your heart and decide what fears are holding you back. Make a list of them. You are the only one who truly knows the fear that binds you. You are the only one who can free yourself from your fear. Decide to let go of the victim role that fear has you living in and make the effort to let it disappear from your life. This is the first step towards overcoming fear.

The nest step to overcoming fear is awareness. Be able to recognize when fear has control of you and assess that fear. Acknowledge it out loud and ask “what am I afraid would happen to me”? What do I have to lose for trying? What am I really afraid of? Write them down. Stop and try to imagine how your life would be if you resisted the fear. Think about the opportunities missed by allowing the fear to stay in control.

Now that you know what you are truly afraid of try to address the fears. If it is lack of knowledge, find ways to educate yourself about the subject matter. Take a course, do the research on the web, find a mentor, a life coach. Associate with people who will encourage and guide you. Address all the reasons why you feel fearful and diffuse the fear. As you gain more knowledge your level of confidence will grow simultaneously. High self-confidence will replace doubts and fear.

Positive self-talk is another way to reinforce confidence and diminish fear. Giving positive self-affirmations is a form of self-conditioning that replaces the doubts lodged in the subconscious. Remind yourself that “you can” achieve.

Alternative tools for dealing with the anxiety caused by fear are neurofeedback and biofeedback therapies. These modalities help to reduce the effects of fear conditioning, restore clearer objectives, and create more focus on the goals at hand. To the end the individual can progress at a faster pace.

Most importantly, take action. Don’t just sit around hoping, thinking and planning forever, or waiting for the right time to act. The best time to start is today. Jump in! Figure out what you’re good at and make that move right now. The best way to overcome fear is by being proactive. With each effort your level of confidence increases.

Above all, believe through faith that you can overcome your fears and achieve your goals. Believe that you can accomplish great things in your life.

So how badly do you want to overcome your fears? That is the question of significance.

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