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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
December 15, 2009

Holiday Spirit

December 2009 Newsletter

"The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving."- Albert Einstein

So many lives have been disrupted due to the economy. The holidays this year for many will be a stressful one. However, this could be an opportunities for you to give of yourself in some small way to be of service to others. No matter your situation find a way to serve others. Service to others is a gift to you and your family as well as to others. It takes the focus away from the things you are lacking and gives you a sense of purpose. The satisfaction it will bring cannot be acquired from material things or a career. True fulfillment in life comes from being socially responsible and doing something meaningful that will benefit others. When your objectives are set to serving others and not for the sole purpose of gaining material possessions, you will be rewarded with some of the greatest gifts of life.

If you have been blessed with talents whatever they may be, use them to be spread goodness in the world by helping someone in need. Do not throw away precious moments in your life to make a significant difference. No matter how small, the person on the receiving end will appreciate your efforts. The kind of giving I refer to is NOT:

  • Giving to receive something in return.
  • Giving to bring a good name.
  • Giving to present a great public image.
  • Giving that brings a tax deduction

    Those kinds of giving are triggered by self-centeredness. I am referring to genuine generosity that is generated by goodness, unselfishness, kindness, compassion, and goodwill that brings dignity and honor to the lives of others.

    Teach your children to be socially responsible by serving others. When shopping for presents buy an extra one and take your child to hand deliver it to a deserving child. It can teach lessons in thoughtfulness, kindness, caring, sharing, and selflessness. These are gifts that money cannot buy. These are great character building experiences that will have far-reaching consequences in your child’s life.

    Not only do we personally grow from giving but our act of kindness allows the recipient to grow also. Your act of kindness may be creating new opportunities for someone desperate in need. Your compassion can rescue the sick. Your nonjudgmental ways can help to save the drug addict. Your unselfishness can provide food, clothing or shelter to the needy. Your act of kindness can open doors for the recipients, which can help to transform their lives.

    This year as the spirit of giving overwhelms you, make an effort to carry it with you into the New Year. Open your heart today and give to those around you in need. Then observe the transformation taking place in your life as a result.

    Audrey Marlene

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