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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
April 15, 2008

Your Lifestyle Choices

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - Anonymous

  • How is your year going so far?
  • Are you on target for achieving your goals?
  • Is there something getting in your way?
  • Are you unable to determine what it is?
  • Could it be your lifestyle choices?

    To have the ability to make choices is an enormous responsibility as well as a great power we as human beings possess. Each day we live the consequences of the lifestyle choices we make.

    The choices we make can:

  • Move us to achieving success or failure in life no matter our circumstances.
  • Bring us happiness or heartache.
  • Bring crisis or comfort
  • Bring us improved or ill health.

    So how are you at making sound lifestyle choices?

    The power to choose makes us the masters of our own destiny. There are many who play the blame game for things that happen to them in life. There are others who play the victim role, rationalizing to self that it was someone elseís fault. There are some who claim they have been cursed by some evil spell. Others call it bad luck. Whatever you call it, your life can drastically improve by changing the choices you make.

    About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called lupus. The news was devastating for me. I had a choice to feel sorry for myself and allow the illness to take over my life or to fight it. My daughter was only 5 at the time and needed a healthy mother. I made a choice to educate myself about the disease and to learn what I needed to do to be able to have a good quality of life. When I awoke each morning I chose to do exercise and eat healthy that day. I chose to be positive even though there were times that nothing seemed positive in my life. I chose to get enough sleep and take my medications. I chose to live a very disciplined life because my health is of great value to me. Today after 15 years, I still take a reduced dosage of my medications but I have been able to live a good quality of life and be there for my family. My disease is now in remission. The lifestyle choices I have made over the last 15 years have allowed me the good health I experience today.

    Each moment of our lives we are placed in a position to make a choice. The results of our choices may bring immediate or long term results. However, no matter the choices you make remember your present and future will be greatly influenced.

  • Does it seem that things just keep going wrong?
  • Does it seem that you just canít get ahead?
  • Does it seem that your goals are out of reach no matter how hard you try?
  • Have you ever thought maybe the lifestyle choices you make are affecting your life in a negative way?

    If you have the ability to make good choices be thankful. If you see yourself in the description above, maybe you need help in making better choices or resolving past issues that may be bogging you down. Take a look inside and be honest. If you truly want to move ahead in life, your ability to make good lifestyle choices must be urgently repaired.

    The first step to making better choices is to accept responsibility for the choices you make. We are ultimately responsible for our behavior. There may be some unresolved issue standing in your way that prevents you from making good choices. If so, seek professional help to resolve them. Allow yourself to have the mental clarity and objectivity to make good choices.

    The key to making good lifestyle choices is to know what you want to the outcome to be and work backwards starting from the top. Once you have determined your outcome, embark on a journey of making the necessary choices and decisions to move you closer to achieving your desired result. When you keep your eye focused on the outcome the choices you make are improved to make sure you are enabling and facilitating your goal.

    Another important step is to examine your past choices and learn from your mistakes. Our past errors in judgment are lifeís lessons. If you cannot use them to help you improve your ability to make better lifestyle choices for the future, then those errors where for naught. Use them as a measure of your ability to make good choices and to know when you need to seek outside help.

    As we mature we should begin to understand more clearly how our choices impact our lives. We should understand how poor judgment can complicate our lives and stand in the way of progress. We should be able to recognize our weaknesses, be aware of our limitations and get the help we need to stay on target. Remember your lifestyle choices can ruin or improve your chances of success.

    To Your Success
    Audrey Marlene

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