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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
April 15, 2011


April 2011 Eletter

It seems as if we just welcomed in the New Year a few weeks ago. But somehow almost 4 months has passed and we are already midway through April. How has 4 months disappeared so quickly? How are you doing with the goals you made 4 months ago? Are you on target for reaching them? If so, keep up the good work! If not, what problems or obstacles have you encountered?

Some obstacles are more challenging than others. However, learning how to overcome them is the only way to achieving any goal.

  • Do you have a strong desire for reaching your goals?
  • Are you beginning to doubt yourself?
  • Are your doubts fear-based?
  • What are you afraid of?

    Stop for a moment and list the obstacles that are getting in your way.

    1. ____________________________________________________________ 2. ____________________________________________________________ 3. ____________________________________________________________

    Once you can identify the problems or obstacles that get in your way, make a commitment to resolving them. Get the help you need or develop the skills necessary to move past the them. Once you can take his huge first step then you will be back on target for achieving your goals in 2011.

    To Your Success
    Audrey Marlene

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