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March 15, 2009

Recognizing Opportunities

March 2009 Newsletter

Most often we envision an opportunity as something that appears before us, wrapped in elaborate packaging and clearly marked. Opportunities come in many different packages. It is up to you to keep an objective mindset and explore whatís before you to discern the opportunities that can enable your growth. Here are some ways to recognize opportunities.

Be Aware
One of the first things you must do in recognizing opportunities is to increase your awareness. Make it your business to be aware of what's happening around you. Observe current trends and interests. Explore topics of interest to you. Take notice of new industries and improvements. Notice advertising, billboards and marketing campaigns. Listen to what others are saying. Read the newspapers and tune in to the television or radio.

Gain Knowledge
Develop a thirst for knowledge. Become an avid reader, researcher. Learn everything there is to know on the topics that interest you. Take a course if necessary to boost your knowledge. Surround yourself by people who can enhance your knowledge power.

Be Open to Change
We as human beings find it difficult to make changes in our lives. We feel uneasy stepping away from our environment. But it is those times that we do step away that enable us to recognize our life transforming opportunities. Complacency enables stagnancy. Making changes in your environment, mentality, or associations can reward you with many opportunities to grow.

Build Networks
Every time you have an opportunity to stand next to someone, use it as an chance to build your network. Say hello, smile. You may be offering good cheer to someone along your daily journey or meeting the contact of a lifetime. Donít judge! You never know a good contact unless you investigate. One of the best ways to create opportunities is to build and nurture strong networks. Allow your contacts to get to know you and what you are capable of. Value your contacts. Keep in touch with them from time to time.

Be Kind and Helpful
How many times have you seen an opportunity to be kind and helpful and you just let it go by because you were in a hurry? Sometimes just a simple hello, a smile, or asking how someoneís day is going creates opportunities for you. Find time to be helpful to others. Look in on a sick friend or neighbor. Volunteer your time in useful service to others. Do the grocery shopping for an elderly shut in. Above all, make sure you intentions for helping are pure. Be kind and helpful because you want to be kind and helpful. You will be blessed by many opportunities that will follow your simple acts of kindness.

Seize the Moment
There are many people who can recognize an opportunity but fail to follow through. When opportunities come your way, donít be afraid to take a risk and seize the moment. Allow your intuition to guide you but seek out the advice of a trusted professional. Investigate your opportunities to learn about the current statistics or volatility of your opportunity and again seek out objective opinions. Donít allow too much time to go by. Maintain your momentum and ride the wave to see where it takes you.

Turn Mess-Ups into Opportunities
Many times our poor judgment or bad decisions impact our lives negatively. However, a person in search of opportunities will find the opportunity even in the worst of situations. When you are on the lookout for opportunities you will learn ways to capitalize on your mistakes and turn them around. Learn the lessons to be learned and turn your bad choices into an opportunity for success. This is the ultimate in recognizing opportunity.

Donít waste another moment looking for the obvious. You may have already encountered the opportunities you need for growth, both professionally and personally. Examine your life and discover the opportunities that already exist and explore them. If you need help in recognizing opportunities, contact a life coach to assist.

To Your Success
Audrey Marlene

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