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August 16, 2010

Importance of Cultivating Relationships

August 2010 Newsletter

In the game of life, we all want make progress and win. We have defined goals and ambitions, and specific deadlines to meet. However, if we donít learn to develop healthy ways of dealing with the people we encounter along the way we can sabotage our own movement forward.

Life is all about relationships. There are relationships with partners, coworkers, classmates, teachers, friends, parents, children, siblings, the hairdresser, or even the banker. Having a relationship doesnít mean you have to share every aspect of your life with someone, it means recognizing the role that person plays in your life, appreciating it and treating them with the same dignity and respect you seek from them. The bottom line is that we want to meet our objectives. But the best way to do so is by making sure everyone wins so no distaste is left after our dealings with others.

With each opportunity to be part of a relationship with someone, no matter in what capacity, develop it. Iím sure you are quite familiar with the proverbial "donít burn your bridges behind you." This is something we must all consider carefully. Sometimes we are quick to judge or quick to anger and ruin relationships along the journey of life. You may rationalize "Iíll never see that person again". Wrong! You never know when you may have to cross over those same bridges again. And donít forget the proverbial "what goes around come around."

We are now in the middle of August in a new decade. As the year begins to wind down, look back to see how youíve been with the relationships or micro-relationships you have had to encounter so far this year? See how you relate to people you come in contact with. If you have learned the art of developing good relationships, continue to work at it. If you have identified behaviors that could potentially sabotage you, seek help to change these behaviors. Allow the goodness in you to be seen in your dealings with others.

Learning to develop good relationships enables success in life. No one is perfect yet we expect perfection in every situation we encounter. Be patient when relating with others no matter how busy you are or the many deadlines you have. Remember the Golden Rule, treat people as you would like to be treated.

Once you can cultivate and develop healthy relationships with people, you will be amazed how life flows more smoothly. You will have less stress in your life, people will most often want to assist you, and you may even be a happier person. Your efforts for achieving your goals can advance more rapidly when understand the importance of and master the art of cultivating healthy relationships with the people you meet each day.

To Your Success
Audrey Marlene

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