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January 15, 2011

The Anatomy of a Resolution

January 2011 Newsletter

When we look back on the past year(s) we tend to look at what we have accomplished, the things we wanted to do, and the things we still need to do. The emotional excitement of a New Year gives us a renewed spirit, a sense of starting over, followed by the setting of resolutions.

Some people believe that by making a New Year's resolution something will magically happen that will allow these goals to be accomplished. A New Year's resolution is a goal we make to improve our lives in some area. Any goal, no matter what time of year they are made requires a plan, self-discipline, commitment to change, flexibility, and determination.

But what is the anatomy of a resolution? It is:

  • Made with good intentions.
  • Developing the mental and emotional state necessary to stay the course.
  • A mental commitment to do something.
  • Deciding on the best course of action to take.
  • A willingness to problem-solve and create solutions.
  • A formal expression of all of the above.

    There are six basic elements that go into making resolutions:

    1. Understanding why it's important to set goals.
    2. Figuring out what you really want.
    3. Setting your goal and writing it down.
    4. Planning your strategy, your plan of action and writing it down.
    5. Sticking to your plan step by step.
    6. Frequently evaluating your progress.

    Making a resolution or a goal is only a small fraction of achieving that goal. In defining your plan you must be as precise and detailed as possible. Here are some questions you must ask yourself when defining your plan.

  • Why is this goal important to me? Make a list.
  • Do I need help executing my plan? If so, who can I contact?
  • How am I going to fit this into my current way of life?
  • Where do I need to make some adjustments to my schedule?
  • Does this fit into my budget?
  • Am I mentally & emotionally ready for this?
  • Am I aware of the effort that is required of me?
  • Am I feeling committed to getting this done?

    Making another resolution without creating a new and innovative plan for executing it will only produce the same outcome. On this first month of the New Year, I'm quite certain you know what goals you would like to achieve this year. Determine how you plan to execute your goals and not just simply make a wish. By giving time and thought to this significant step and by writing it down to get a visual reminder each day, it will help to launch your motivation and preserve your momentum for the year ahead.

    Here's to a Terrific 2011!

    To Your Success
    Audrey Marlene

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