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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
November 15, 2007

Self-Awareness Means Growth

As the year comes to a close we begin to look back to see how much we’ve grown. Many will feel good about the progress they’ve made while others may begin to feel dejected by their lack of growth. Without fully knowing who you are change becomes impossible. Self-awareness is the seed that germinates into personal growth and success.

No matter what your issues are you are the only one who knows the true you. Many turn to professionals to help them resolve their issues, but whether or not you want to admit it, you know the real you. You are the expert when it comes to you. Professionals can help you resolve issues that are preventing your from moving forward but the answers are within you. The truth about you is inside of you. The power lies within you.

Becoming self-ware means understanding why you behave the way you do.

  • It means bringing your mind to a deeper level of consciousness.

  • It means understanding your fears.
  • It means knowing your strengths.

  • It means understanding your weaknesses.

  • It means knowing your likes and dislikes.

  • It means knowing how to bridge the gap between our limitations and the ability to achieve.

  • Gives us the opportunity to seek the help we need to bring us to the level of functionality we need to grow.

    As the year comes to a close, look inside for some honest introspection. This is not an exercise in self-criticism. This is an exercise in understanding that you are human and that we all have things we’d like to change. To some degree we know what holds us back. Allow yourself the opportunity to liberate you from the things that retard your progress in life. Allow yourself the opportunity to change these things you want to change about yourself. Allow yourself the opportunity to create the life you want.

    So when the New Year begins and new years resolutions are once again made, you will have the knowledge you need to grow and truly make advances towards achieving your best.

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