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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
March 17, 2008


A Critical Componet for Success!

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power." - Lao Tzu

Dear Subscriber,

I pray that your year is in forward motion and you are gaining momentum in achievement of your goals with each passing day.

In order to set the platform for high achievement in our personal, professional or academic life we must see ourselves in a position of management. Begin to think about the role in which you serve - the individual, entrepreneur, employer, employee, spouse, parent, or student. How do you self-manage in order to accomplish your goals?

In order to achieve your desired results you must manage your life effectively. When some folks hear of management they most often think of business managers and seldom see themselves in a management role when it comes to their lives.

In whatever role you serve, you are in a position of management and if seen in this light your tasks can be more efficiently carried out. Our personal, professional or academic success requires us to manage various aspects of our lives. This is critical to achieving positive outcomes.

Here are some areas you must consistently manage to bring about positive results in your live:

• How do you manage your thoughts? Are you critical of self? Do you encourage thoughts that promote your success?

• How do you manage your words and your ability to communicate them. Do you choose carefully the words you speak to enhance your success?

• How do you manage you actions and behaviors? How are you perceived by others?

• How do you organize your life to self-manage more effectively?

• What do you do to maintain your focus on the task at hand?

• How do you manage your time?

• How do you manage your physical self? Do you exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

• How do you manage your spiritual self? Do you feel you spiritual needs?


The first step in self-management is to organize your life. Organizing yourself allows you to stay on top of every aspect of your life. A cluttered lifestyle creates a flustered life. A disorganized life depletes your mental resources and slows down your progress.

When you life is not organized you can become extremely forgetful. You may have a tendency to forget important deadlines, appointments, names of people, or misplace things. This brings on anxiety and before your know it your plans for achieving your goals are in jeopardy.

Here are some tips to get you started in self-organizing.

• Begin with a list of all your responsibilities both personal and otherwise.

• Organize that list based on urgency and priority. If money making is the priority those projects should come at the top followed by the next most important and so on.

• Allow sufficient time to tackle your most important projects but do not neglect the less important ones otherwise they will accumulate and can become urgent. Do a little each day.

• Know your daily, weekly, monthly plans both personally and otherwise.

• Use a planner. Don’t rely on your memory. Plan your to do list for the next day the evening before. Know exactly how much time is required for each task so you can manage your time effectively. Take your planner with you and cross off each item as soon as you complete it that day.

• Set up a filing system where you can easily access all your ongoing projects. Make sure to keep up with your filing or you may find that things can get misplaced very easily.

• Allow the computer to be your friend. You can do a lot of your leg work via the web.

Managing your Thoughts

Many of us fail to realize the power our thoughts have over our lives. Negative thoughts bring negativity such as sadness, anger, depression, illnesses, and fear. It doesn’t matter how well you organize your life, if the negative thoughts exist and persist your success voyage will be short. The ability to manage your thoughts can have far-reaching effects in your life.

Managing your Credibility

One critical aspect of self-management is being credible. Credibility is your character, your reputation in the eyes of others. It is having qualities of being trustworthy, believable, fair, honest, or someone who can stand by their word. Your credibility determines your success. It doesn’t matter how organized you are or how much you can manage your time, if you are perceived as dishonest or your character is questionable, you are getting started on your success journey with a huge deficit.

Take a step back and see how well you manage your life. I have only mentioned a few ways in which one can self-manage but if you analyze your entire life you can see in how many ways self-management is critical to self-fulfillment. Take on the that self-leadership mentality for success and keep the momentum going as the year progresses.

Here's To Your Success!

Audrey Marlene

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