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September 15, 2009


September 2009 Newsletter

When there is self-reliance we can look inside for strength to conquer our struggles in life. When children are taught to expect adversity and how to resolve them, they are developing their inner strength. Today’s quick-fix society looks to external means to solve problems. We are programmed to rely on medications to fix any vulnerability we face and we have now become a society that is less self-reliant and more extrinsically dependent.

Self-reliance allows one to battle the crises of life when they arise with a courageous heart. If he becomes weak, he will find the power from inside to keep fighting. Very seldom would he give in to substance abuse, alcoholism, or medications to cope. Instead he would assert himself, put on his survival armor and find resolve.

When one is self-reliant she can quicker learn more about whom she is – her strengths and her weaknesses. If we know ourselves we are in a better position to strengthen our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths. The self-reliant person is an independent thinker and less conforming to what society hands out. The self-reliant person makes better decisions and has more self-control. The self-reliant individual has more potential for greatness.

How to be more Self-Reliant

  • Becoming self-reliant can be a big change for someone who hasn't been before. Therefore it is important to strengthen your spiritually self to find the courage and faith you need to face your fears.

  • Become an independent thinker. Pay less attention to what others think and more attention to what is truly important. Get to know your core values and trust your instincts more.

  • Learn to make your own decisions. If you have been known for making “not so good” decisions, get some outside input. Do the research and get all the information, then make your decision. Trust your instincts.

  • Improve your self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence breeds dependency on others. If you feel unsure of your abilities in a particular area, take a course, do the research, or get the help of an expert. Once you feel more confident you are more likely to rely on yourself and be less dependent on others.

  • Strengthen your emotional self. Emotional fortitude breeds self-reliance. When you are emotionally unsure of yourself, you tend to shy away from taking responsibility for yourself. When you have emotional stamina you have a more “take charge” attitude. You can fight off any emotionally challenges that come your way.

  • Learn some money management skills. Knowing how to handle money or work within a budget gives one more confidence when handling their financial affairs.

  • Get organized. Staying organized allows more clarity to think about what needs to get done, when to get it done, or how to get things done. Clarity of mind breeds self-reliance.

    Taking charge of your life and building the stamina you need to function as a self-reliant person can bring a feeling of peace and contentment within.

    To Your Success
    Audrey Marlene

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