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Audrey Marlene's YES Ezine
August 15, 2008

Time For Love

We talk over lunch or dinner with friends or coworkers about the tragic incidences occurring in our world today. At family gatherings we discuss the heartbreaking stories developing in our communities. We express our sadness and disgust, wishing for peace and change. Yet we cannot forgive a family member that might have offended us. We lash out at the department store worker who couldnít attend to us fast enough. We scream at the driver in the next lane who is not moving fast enough. We are so anxious to judge others. We avoid those around who seem to be struggling for fear of becoming involved. How do we expect peace in the world when we do not add to it? How do we expect love around us when we donít contribute to it? How can we expect change when we continue in the same patterns each day of our lives?

The world around us is so full of hate. Don't you feel it's time for love? We as a society focus on the strife in the world and very few stories are heard of peace. The times stories of peace are mentioned are when there is some kind of protest in the name in peace. We donít need to start a demonstration or protest to do our part to bring peace into the world. We each can do our part, but how?

Any kind of change you expect to see begins with you. If you want to see more love in the world at large, then begin in your own life to make changes. Be more loving to the people around you. Do kind acts to show love to the people around you. Start with yourself. Do loving things for yourself. Then transfer that love to your partner, your children, your extended family, coworkers, friends, and your community.

Make a commitment to more love into your life and into your corner of the world. If you cannot show love then donít expect peace. If your add negativity to your corner of the world, then donít expect love and peace in the world. Love begins with you and me.

  • Learn to forgive.
  • Learn to show kindness.
  • Stop the chronic complaining and become more understanding.
  • Stop the judgmental attitude and be more accepting of others.
  • Show more appreciation

Become an advocate for LOVE in the world. When you can give love and show love, then you can expect peace. This love can grow and generalize to all aspects of your life. Positive changes can begin to take place around you. The more you give the more it comes back to you like a boomerang.

To Your Success
Audrey Marlene

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