The Best Life For Your Child

Teach Them To Expect Adversity

The best life your child can have is one where he/she has realistic expectations. Children who are taught to expect adversity in life are more well adjusted and centered. We as parents want to protect our children from pain and discomfort by presenting the perception of a world that is perfect. This does not help your child to cope when difficulties arise. This is a distorted, unrealistic picture of the world in which we live. Of course presentation of any adult subject matter must be delivered to any child in an age appropriate manner. When done correctly your child will have a stronger sense of how to face problems when they arise.

Children worry silently. They carry strong emotional concerns when things are not going well for them. They can have sleepless nights. Their grades can be affected. They can become depressed. Teaching your children at an early age that life is not perfect and to expect challenges can help to avoid unnecessary worry and allow your child to have the best life possible.

How do you as a parent cope with the challenges of life? Do you panic, become flustered, or fall apart? Remember your children will react to problematic situations the same way you do.

We hear stories of children who have lived through horrendous adversities and triumphed over them. How is this possible?

When kids know at an early age that difficulties will arise because it is a normal part of life, they are ready to deal with it. Children that are born into an environment where problems exist are quick to develop a strong sense of courage, strength, tenacity and resilience than children who are protected and have unrealistic expectations of what life is all about. When you teach your children to expect adversity they:

  • See problems as challenges and attack them head on without caving in.

  • Are more appreciative and grateful of the things in their lives.

  • Are more optimistic about their future.

  • Can make ready decisions to resolve a situation.

  • Know how to capitalize on their strengths. They figure out how to compensate for their weaknesses and keep moving ahead.

  • Learn how to navigate life, instinctively seeking out the help they need to find solutions to have the best life possible.

  • Are more willing to work with you to resolve situations.

  • Are more willing to work/try harder.

  • See mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

  • Are very resourceful.

  • Are more self-reliant.

  • Have a greater sense of self.

  • Are more motivated/driven.

  • Are more confident of their abilities.

    Children who are taught to expect adversity are more prepared for the best life possible. They can more easily adapt to situations. They can accept responsibility for their actions and seldom blames others. If children grow with this mindset, they can slowly become leaders among their peers. They can develop more emotional stability to rise to the top of their game. They can excel in whatever they do and have the potential to earn the respect and admiration of their peers. They can have more advantages and ammunition to create the best life for themselves.

    Give your child this helpful tool for coping in life. When they are grown and go off on their own, you can sleep better at night knowing you have given your children the proper ammunition for having the best life possible. Sure they will falter. Sure they will become frustrated and make mistakes. Of course they will need your assistance. But they may have a lesser chance of giving up or falling apart. They will be in a better position to quickly rise up and shake off the difficulties/challenges and keep moving forward.

  • Realistic expectations taught to children help them to grow into adults with realistic expectations for having the

    best life.


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