Raising Confident Children!


Define confident children

  • A confident child feels sure about her abilities.

  • A confident child feels competent when handling situations.

  • A confident child adapts easily to new situations.

  • A confident child feels better equipped to make decisions.

  • A confident child is more sure of herself.

  • A confident child is not insecure.

  • A confident child is a happier child.

  • A confident child is more outgoing and open-minded.

    Today’s society has changed drastically as compared to days gone by. There are so many factors today that have a tendency to erode our children's self-confidence.

  • More competition academically. The academic standards are constantly increasing putting more pressure on our children.

  • There is less family time.

  • There are more negative influences such as drugs, alcohol, STD’s, that can destroy our children.

    A BIG Boost

    One of the biggest ways to promote confident children is by encouraging your kids to excel in something. Identify their talents, things your children are good at and support them in it. When they succeed at it, their level of confidence will soar. This allows them more confidence to attempt the next task even though it may seem challenging. Don’t forget to display all their awards and trophies for all to see.

    Here are some other ways to raise confident children.

  • Avoid talking down to your children.

  • Encourage independence. Allow you children to do things for themselves. This builds their confidence.

  • Do not compare you child with her friends or cousins. Let her excel in her own unique way.

  • Encourage activities that promote conversation, social development, and interaction with peers.

  • Converse with your child. Ask her opinion and allow her to voice it. Listen to what she has to say and show her that you value her contribution.

  • Keep your children in a structured schedule.

  • If your child feels unsure about doing something, teach her how to improve at it. Get help if necessary.

  • Share your personal stories of triumph with your children.

  • Know your children’s friends. Encourage good influences. Invite friends over to get to know them.

  • Teach your child to be fair. This is a character trait that enhances relationships and boosts confidence.

  • Give responsibilities to your children. Make sure they follow through.

  • Teach your child how to accept responsibility for her actions. Teach them how to learn from their mistakes.

  • Helping the less fortunate. This is an activity that catapults your child's confidence to new heights.


    While you promote and encourage confident children, be careful that your child’s ego does not get the best of her. She can become over confident and behave in arrogant ways. Remember to teach humility to your child. This is a quality that will help her to always stay on top with love and adoration from peers. Teach them respect for others and self-respect. Teach them to be honest in their dealings with others.

    Above all, praise your children for good behavior. Reward them when they succeed. Encourage them when they fail. Hug them when they feel discouraged. Let them feel reassured that your unconditional love and support is always available.

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