What's A Life Strategist?


A Strategist for the Game of Life

A life strategist is someone who loves people and understands the importance of developing others. They are selfless, knowledgeable, trained, intuitive, nonjudgmental, objective, and offers a three-dimensional perspective of life and living. A Life Strategist is someone who has worked to achieve a significant amount of stability through the attainment of knowledge and life experiences. He/She is someone who has resolved their issues and has mastered a holistic approach to living. A life strategist practices a balanced lifestyle, serves as a role model and leads by example.

Life strategists must be understanding and have the capacity to empathize with others. They must extend themselves beyond the confines of traditional counseling by acting in a coaching capacity to form a partnership based on trust and expertise with those they mentor/guide. A coach is heuristic, fostering personal exploration and discovery. They prioritize the issues at hand through consistent and active dialogue to establish a solid, custom-made plan of action that encourages personal development and growth with the ultimate goal of enhancing the client's proactive capacity and full potential. A life strategist motivates and inspires!

An effective Life Strategist/Coach:

  • Focuses on clarifying and prioritizing clients goals. The effective strategist helps clients articulate their goals in a way that assists them in developing their goals as viable and realistic targets.

  • Helps the client to identify external and internal problems, difficulties, and obstacles that stand in the way of goal attainment.

  • Assists the client in developing a greater proactive capacity by helping them to enhance their skill sets.

    Life strategists focus on the whole person, addressing each of their fundamental components in relation to the whole. They formulate a statement of purpose for their clients, implementing practical measures, with the intent on developing proactive abilities to bring out the clients true potential.

    Benefits of Having a Life Strategist.

  • To help you define your goals.

  • To observe, listen, question with an unbiased, nonjudgmental ear, and provide feedback at various stages throughout the process.

  • To help you identify the problems and obstacles inhibiting progress in different areas of your life and assist you in prioritizing and addressing them.

  • To serve as a teacher/mentor and a facilitator for new skill development that can give you the tools necessary for problem -solving.

  • To motivate you to take on challenges and assist you with the follow through.

  • To encourage you when you stumble and help you refocus.

  • To cheer you on when you reach your objectives.

  • To support you unconditionally, and in every step of the way.

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