Ready for A Destiny Fulfilled?


A destiny fulfilled can only be achieved by YOU. No super human power is going to swoop down and do it for you. Only you can make it happen. So what is it that you desire?

  • Are you unhappy with your current job?

  • Do you feel you need a better education?

  • Do you feel too dependent on someone other than yourself?

  • Do you seek financial independence?

  • Is it a happier marriage that you seek?

  • Or is it a healthier lifestyle, a better figure you desire?

    How much time do you spend thinking about it? How intensely do you want a destiny fulfilled for you and your family?

    Is there fire burning within you to achieve your desired goal(s)?

    Any one of the above requires one thing. CHANGE. You must be willing to do something different in order to experience the significance or the fulfillment you desire.

    In the words of Maya Angelou "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."



  • The first step is to transform your thoughts. See the section on thought awareness. Your thoughts can inhibit you, injecting doubts and fears that hold you back. This is the first step to a destiny fulfilled.

  • Focus on what you want to accomplish. Be realistic.

  • Set your goals. Write them down to keep them fixed in your conscious mind. Let them become part of your daily mantra.

  • Do something everyday, no matter how small, to move you one step closer to your goal.

  • Believe through faith that if you work hard you will succeed.

  • Make it a subject of prayer.
  • Become educated in your niche. Do the research. Check the internet. Read books. Learn everything there is to know about what you want to accomplish. Take a course if necessary.

  • Get to know people who can help you with your plans. Network. They will be your support, your mentors, and your inspiration to a destiny fulfilled.

  • Get the help of a life coach.

    I remember times in my life when my health failed me. I had obligations to take care of and was left with a feeling of loss of control. Yet, although the aches, pains and sores devoured my physical body, there was still that small fire of determination burning in me. I NEVER gave up. I did what I was capable of and continued to make small strides each until I was eventually able to accomplish my set goal(s). When obstacles arise, yes, they get in the way and can slow you down but you cannot come to a complete halt. You must keep moving forward.

    Make the commitment! Again, only you can ultimately do it for you. No one else will. Don’t make the commitment if you feel uncertain. Only make it if you are 100% certain you are ready to follow through. There may be times you falter, but NEVER give up. Just keep trying.

    When you are productive, you will feel accomplished. When you feel accomplished you will feel significant. Your self-esteem will soar to heights you never imagined. Your emotions will flourish bringing feelings of joy and happiness into your life. Then your journey to a destiny fulfilled.

    life will be more rewarding.

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