How To Develop Spirituality

Develop Spirituality


To develop spirituality means bringing a stronger sense of balance into your life. This is achieved by the acceptance of a spiritual need and a desire to fill that need. This is followed by the acceptance of higher power with whom you can establish a spiritual connection and divine relationship. By nurturing this relationship, your life will gain momentum in all areas. When I incorporated more spiritual wellness in my personal life, I quickly felt the benefits in all aspects of my life.

As a life coach/strategist, I emphasize how important it is to realize and accept the need for spiritual wellness. I encourage self-reflection, to examine your life, doing a character analysis to recognize your spiritual handicaps. Let's be honest. We all have infirmities of the soul and are striving to be better each day. But recognition of these infirmities and the want for growth and development will instinctively create a need for change within your life. To rid ourselves of these handicaps of the soul, I recommend the replacement method. This is the ultimate way to develop spirituality.

  • By learning to forgive, we replace condemnation or being judgmental.

  • By learning to love, we replace hatred.

  • By learning to share or to be generous we replace selfishness.

  • By learning to be compassionate, we replace intolerance.

  • By learning to speak kind words we replace contentiousness and meanness.

    In time these spiritual qualities will automatically replace the impurities.

    Here are some life coaching tips to develop spirituality:

  • Read inspirational books.

  • Prayer

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature that we are part of. Feel the energy of life flowing around you.

  • Associate with spiritual people you admire. Their attitude will inspire you.

  • Sometimes it is difficult to do it alone. We may need the help of others. Select a spiritual guide that works for you. You will know when it is the right one for you. It can be a small group or a church. I attend a nondenominational church. I have attended several and finally found one that works for me. Don't be afraid to take the first step.

  • Give of your time to helping someone in need.

    This by far will boost your spiritual development in more ways that you could ever imagine. Sending money or used clothing helps but getting your hands dirty allows you to fully appreciate the real spiritual experience. Feed the homeless, read to the sick children, do the grocery shopping for the shut in, get involved in something like habitat for humanity. At Christmas time, teach you children to give up some of their presents and hand deliver them to less fortunate children.

    Most importantly we must take responsibility for our spiritual wellness and the spiritual wellness of our children. Use this spirituality information to make positive changes in your lives. If each person makes the effort to develop their own spirituality, our world becomes slowly transformed. You will feel your spiritual channels becoming unblocked and you will begin to feel happy again. Your soul will begin to rejoice feeling transformed as you feel the blessings flow from up above.

    It is critical that you develop spirituality. What are you waiting for? Begin today!

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