Building Healthy Emotions

The depth of one’s spiritual experience is directly related to the strength and capacity of their emotions Our emotions are a dimension of our spirituality, which play a significant role in how we perceive all aspects of our lives and how we benefit from them. Emotions are triggered through our senses-- touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting and how we perceive the world around us. Our brains interpret the incoming messages from our senses but sometimes these messages can be misinterpreted giving us a false impression of what is happening. Our perceptions are not always perfect. What we sense can move us to react in some of the following ways:

  • Anger, Rage, Contempt
  • Fear, Guilt
  • Anxiety, Anticipation
  • Sadness, Despair, Hurt
  • Shame, Humiliation
  • Joy, Happiness, Love, Desire, Pleasure
  • Pride, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Sense of Accomplishment
  • Jealousy, Greed, Suspicion
  • Hope, Faith, Courage

Emotions such as shame, guilt, anxiety, hurtfulness and sadness are most often caused by the thoughts we perceive. They can affect our mood, cloud our judgment, and influence our decisions. A lot of what we perceive determines the limits we place on our lives. The mind feeds on what we perceive and any misconceptions can become compulsive, preventing us from finding emotional peace and strength. Our thoughts can create unnecessary pain and suffering, or a life of hope and promise for the future. By changing our perception we can change our emotions and how we feel. When you are emotionally healthy you are in control of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. When in this state of mind, you feel good about yourself and can readily engage in good relationships. Without a doubt, emotions must be sound in order to have a healthy mind.

How would you rate your emotional state? A large part of my responsibility as a life strategist is to help you to recognize your emotional condition and give you the tools necessary to build strong and healthy emotions. Without emotional balance and stability, your efforts for achieving great things in life are compromised. Healthy emotions are essential in maintaining a clear, objective perspective in order to rise above mediocrity and ultimately achieve the greatness within you. Healthy emotions indicate a more meaningful life.

Are your emotions stable?

We are highly emotional beings. We feel emotions, we communicate emotions, and we remember emotions. Our emotions drive us to feel good or bad, feel more or less in control, or more or less powerful. When we feel strong negative emotions, it’s our body’s way of alerting us that something in our lives requires attention; this is our built in alarm system warning us that changes need to be made. Naturally, we need to feel emotional balance in order to feel good inside. Here's your chance to investigate and diagnose your emotional health. By clicking on each link below, you can begin to identify the emotions that need attention and how to address them. You can acquire a better understanding of your emotional limitations and strengths and take the first steps toward achieving emotional equilibrium

No matter how intelligent, educated, wealthy, or beautiful you are, if your emotions are unbalanced, you are at a disadvantage regarding your capacity to reach your desired goals or, put simply, that good feeling inside. I urge you to begin cultivating emotional balance. Once you have achieved it, your emotional intelligence will exponentially increase, allowing you the energy and power within to take the next step towards reaching anything you aspire to.

It is important to recognize the extent to which one’s emotions can enhance or hinder their development. I, personally, have had my share of emotional setbacks, but with perseverance, I have discovered emotional balance and a kind of happiness that I never ever expected to enjoy. It's amazing how we can go through life year after year wondering why we feel the way we do -- faced with issues of sadness, depression, fear anxiety, doubt and that dreadful feeling in the pit of our stomachs-- never knowing when the feelings will pass. Everyone longs to feel confident, to be able to hold their head high and feel great about who they are as a person.

Now it's time to stop longing; it's time to take action to feel those good emotions you deserve to feel every day of your life. Once you can understand and diagnose your emotional state and learn to manage them, you move closer to experiencing true happiness.

I have prepared the following as a means of bringing more awareness regarding your current emotional state and to enable you to build stronger, more positive emotions. How concerned and interested are you in building emotional wellness? How badly to you want to feel good inside? Each question below is a link packed with relevant information for diagnosing and building emotional awareness. Click each link below to determine your level of emotional health.

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  • Do you feel good about yourself? On a scale of one to ten where ten is having a very high self-esteem, where do you rank on that scale?

  • Do you feel confident in your abilities? Can you humbly walk into a room with your head held high, shoulders back, making a bold statement about your level of confidence?

  • Can you control your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?

  • When challenges come your way, do you meet them head on without caving under the pressure? How resilient are you?

  • Are you easily irritated or angered? Do you need help with anger management?

  • Are you known for your sad face, frequently sad without knowing the reason?

  • Do you feel productive, accomplished, and significant? Do you long for a destiny fulfilled?

  • How is your relationship with your family? How is your social life? Do you have a group of friends? Do you laugh, have fun? Do you feel loved? Do you feel emotionally connected?

  • Did you know that time alone in solitude can offer you the most valuable insight for living?

    Use this information to diagnose your emotional wellness. Allow it to help you manage your emotions better, strengthen your self-image, and allow more positive emotions in your life. It’s important to remember that emotional health gives you more control of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Begin to taste a better, stronger, happier you.

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