Healthy Body Enables Goal Achievement

By Audrey Marlene

Healthy Body We tend to place all our focus on achieving success, planning and setting goals. However, we neglect to focus on the vehicle that enables our accomplishments, our bodies. We all know how it feels when our bodies just don't want to cooperate. It can be pretty depressing. Without a healthy functioning body we are unable to function optimally at any level.

For those of you with healthy bodies, preserve it. Don't take it for granted and treat it in a way that does not makes it susceptible to illnesses. We are all frequently reminded of the importance of practicing sound healthy habits such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep. You are aware of these basic principles but do you take heed?

Now there are those who eat very healthy diets, get regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and appear very healthy but have very unhealthy practices. They smoke cigarettes, consume large quantities of of alcohol even on a daily basis, and fool themselves into thinking they are healthy. Healthy living means healthy in every way.

Maybe you have developed a busy schedule and neglected to incorporate an exercise regimen. Maybe the discipline of eating more healthy foods is forsaken and the lure of the unhealthy eating and fast foods has become routine for you. Your commute time puts you on the road more often than you anticipated. Years come and go and the routine builds, denying you even less focus on your health.

When all the focus is removed from your health, you can become physically weakened to the point of illness. When illness approaches, all the goal seeking is halted in order to attend to an ailing body. Don’t wait for an illness to begin to make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Don't wait until you are fighting for your health to give importance to a healthy body. It is not until you are sick that you realize the importance of a healthy body. You will NOT be able to follow through on your goals when you are unhealthy.

Learn how to manage your health and maintain a healthy body. Here are some simple ways to begin:

  • Become more conscious of the foods you put into your body.
  • Wake up a half hour earlier to incorporate some exercise into your daily schedule.
  • Go to bed a half hour earlier than you normally do. Tape your late night shows to watch earlier.
  • Make sure to get you annual exams. Know the hereditary diseases in your family and get tested for the ones you may be predisposed to.
  • Maintain a deep spiritual connection.

    True success and wealth simply means having your health. No matter how much success you have already achieved an unhealthy body won't hold up to enjoy it. When you have a healthy body, a sound mind naturally follows. You will have more energy and clarity to accomplish and enjoy all your goals and dreams.

    Begin today to examine your life to see if you follow healthy practices. Discover ways you can improve your health. As you plan your daily agenda, incorporate a set of healthy goals. Identify what prevents you from adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Prioritize what is most important to you and make the adjustment in your lifestyle. A little self-control and discipline and add years to your life.

    Don’t take your health for granted. A healthy body promotes success.

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