Identify Your Weaknesses!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Identify Your Weaknesses

By Audrey Marlene

Identifying your weaknesses is not an exercise in self-punishment. On the contrary! Identifying your weakness can be the most amazing self discovery. It can:

  • Bring more conscious awareness to the areas where you need to strengthen and improve on. With his knowledge you can make the choice to take action to strengthen that weakness.

  • It can give you can opportunity to finally admit to something you have been unwilling to accept and do something about it. You might find yourself wanting to go back to school, take a course, change careers, or start your own business. It can open up new opportunities for you.

  • By admitting to your weaknesses and working to strengthen them, it boosts your confidence. Many times we feel inadequate and insecure about something that we know we are weak at. Bringing it to do open and strengthening it will automatically boost your self-confidence.

  • When you self-confidence is high you self-esteem follows. You feel more ready to attempt the bigger challenges. You have more tenacity to approach any situation.

    1. The first step in identifying is to make a list of all the areas in which you feel you lack. Think back to a situation where you messed up and wish you had done things differently. Fill in the blank, if I were__________, I would have been able to accomplish that task.

    2. Next, make a list of things that seem very difficult for you to do. Things that may seem effortless for others but you always seem to struggle with it. Include things you may not necessarily enjoy doing.

    3. Make a note of areas where you have been criticized. Include what other people think your weakness is.

    Once you are able to identify your weaknesses you must decide which one (s) you want to work to improve. As a life coach, I do not recommend that you start working on every weakness. This may cost you an enormous amount of time. So how do you decide which ones to work on first? Start with the one (s) you know will boost your confidence, and bring you steps closer to realizing your goals.

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