The Independent Thinker!

Independent Thinker


The independent thinker is a mature thinker. It allows you to move beyond the standard ways of thinking to a higher level of awareness and consciousness. It enables more happiness and mental health. We feel more liberated when we don't have to conform to someone else’s way of thinking with every decision we make. How would you like to be told what to do twenty-four seven? It can be extremely suffocating!

We are born into a society where social and political infrastructures are already established for us. Whether or not we want to admit it, it's a form of control. The design of our homes, the clothing we wear, the music we listen to, even the entertainment we subscribe to has a tendency to do our thinking for us. We go along with what has been established for us without question. And anyone going against it is considered anti-establishment.

As a society many of us refuse to do certain things that are not in keeping with the "latest" of everything. For example, many wouldn't wear clothing that's not "in style." But "in style" only means that someone else is dictating what you should wear. Most people will be wearing the same styles - you will blend in and not be unique.

The media is used as a means of conditioning us with biased information. Ads are created to move us to act in ways that are pleasing to the businesses that need our economic support. Without even realizing it we can begin to live and breathe a life that others have designed for us.

When you are an Independent Thinker you:

  • Make decisions based on your own observations and judgments instead of accepting the opinion of someone else.

  • Carefully evaluate a situation and if it seems reasonable, take a stand.

  • Show that you can accept responsibility for your own decisions.

    Becoming an Independent Thinker allows you to:

  • Trust yourself and your ability to make sound decisions.

  • Stand up for what you believe and not be afraid to be unique.

  • Have more sense of freedom that broadens your view of life.

  • Add more dimension and opportunity for self-development.

  • Be more aware of what the media is selling to you.

    Thinking independently doesn't mean you are to start a radical group or become disruptive. It means becoming informed and educated in your subject matter and making a clear, rational decision on your own without feeling pressured to conform a norm.

    Here is a challenge:

  • How often do you make a decision without conforming to culture or norms?

  • How often do you wear clothing that wasn’t the trend?

  • How often do you take the initiative to try something new without the suggestion of someone else?

  • When have to traveled to a new place just by doing your own research and not based on what someone else was doing?

    Remember the only way to be different/unique is by not blending in with the crowd.

    A great strategy for staying mentally healthy is to establish your independent identity when it comes to your thinking. When we are expected to think and act like everyone else we are placed in a position to feel pressured or guilty when we don't. This can a create stressful mindset, which blurs our ability to think clearly.

  • Question your thinking and make the necessary changes. If you need help in learning how to think independently, please contact me.

    It may be the one thing holding you back from achieving your goals in life.

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