Insight For Living

Insight for Living


My best insight for living has been gained during solitude, time spent alone. The self-awareness I acquire during those alone moments allows me to make some of my most positive, life altering changes.

According to Charles Kinsley "We must remember that without solitude, without contemplation, without habitual collection and recollection of ourselves from time to time, no great purpose is carried out and no great work is done."

As a culture we perceive time alone as a form of punishment. Whenever we have a moment alone, we quickly find ways to occupy our time by watching TV/movies, surfing the internet, talking on the phone, or playing video games.

What about time to do nothing but think? I strongly recommend that you find moments to solicit your time alone. Your greatest insight for living can be discovered during these precious moments.

Find activities that allow you time alone to discover valuable insight for living. Tune out the external and tune in to you. Decide what you want to focus on ahead and bring your thoughts back to your subject matter. Here are some ideas:

  • Maybe while you walk, leave the headset at home.

  • Take a stroll in the park or around the lake.

  • While you drive to and from work, turn off the radio or the CD player.

  • Go for a swim.

  • Go canoeing, kayaking.

  • Go hiking in the mountains.

    Taking the time alone to do some introspective work and some self-reflection can be an enlightening and empowering experience. It is during these treasured moments that you will gain helpful insights for living. These insights can refine and reinforce or question your own personal values and beliefs for more practical application into your every day life.

    Spending time alone doesn't suggest any anti-social behaviors. We all need friends and time to be sociable. It gives you the social support you need and a feeling of being part of something. However, spending time alone doesn't come with social expectations. With no expectations there are only moments of self-discovery, self-understanding while setting your own personal expectations.

    As you develop new insights you can begin to love yourself more and appreciate all the God given talents and strengths that lie within you.

    Here are some things to focus on while alone in solitude:

  • Look back on decisions you have made in the past and discover the lessons to be learned.

  • See how things could have been done differently to achieve your desired outcome.

  • What can you do differently in the future to ensure a better outcome?

  • Think about your finances, set goals.

  • Questions your level of ambition.

  • Honestly admit your mistakes.

  • Admit and accept the truth about who you are.

  • Admit to how you may have wronged others.

  • Look for any unfavorable repetitive patterns of behavior in relationships.

  • Think about what you will like to change about yourself - commit to change.

  • Consider forgiveness of yourself and others.

  • Connect with the higher power surrounding you. Take in the beauty of nature and appreciate the power within you.

  • Give thanks for all for the people, experiences, things, places, and gifts in your life.

  • Find the time today to recognize the importance of alone time. It is a great strategy for making greater strides and maximizing the opportunities that are presented to us each day. This time alone can prove to be your most cherished source of learning.

    Gain your most valuable insight for living through time spent alone.

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