A Love Relationship Begins With Parental Love

Love Relationship


A love relationship between you and your child is the genesis of loving relationships for your child. Raising children with love is the best gift you can give them.

The best investment you can make is the investment of your time with your children. Time with your children should not only be for discipline or reprimand. It should also be for moments of laughter, playfulness, fun, and showing love and affection. Even though you may feel the love for your child you must find ways to show it to create loving memories for your child. Preserving memories of love and affection will bring a future of joy to their lives.

Children see their parents as the figure of authority. They are disciplined by you and motivated by you to do things they may not necessarily want to do. However, at the end of the day, your child must feel loved and adored by you. Your childre must feel just how important they are to you.

Find activities for laughter and play.

As parents we become so uptight with the demands of life and the stress of work that we forget how to laugh and have fun with our children. Let your child choose an activity he/she wants to play and get involved. Your children will beam with joy when you get down on their level to enjoy an activity they chose. This allows your child to see the human side of you not just a tough authority figure you portray most of the time. This is part of building the love relationship that will generate wonderful memories for you and your children.

When you decide to play with your child, make a plan. Leave the office and the chores behind. Focus only on your children and having fun with them. Pay attention to what they are doing. Let them see how interested you are. Give them feedback. This lets your child feel special that she is able to capture your undivided attention for some fun while sensing your validation and approval.

Building this love relationship also gives you an opportunity to unwind from work or household responsibilities. Besides, when building strong bonds and memories with your children, you are learning how to relax and loosen up. Allow your children to bring out the child in you again. This is a great way to remain young at heart.

Teach your child about a love relationship.

Raising children with love teaches them about relationships. Remember you are the first opportunity your child has at a relationship. You are planting the seeds of love in them.

Fathers, the relationship you have with your daughters is the first relationship she has with a male. Her choice of men and the way she chooses to be treated by a man is determined by you and how you love and relate to her. If you put her down or ignore her, she may define these parameters as her standard and accept being treated that way by her partner. The standards you set for your relationship is the standard your daughters will use to measure their choices. The way you love your daughter is an opportunity to teach her about a healthy love relationship.

Mothers, the relationship you have with your sons is the first relationship they have with a female. The way you relate, communicate, and love your son is what he takes into his relationships. I often tell my daughter to look at the way a boyfriend relates to his mother and that's the way he may relate to her. This loving exchange between you and your son is a lesson in building a love relationship.

Find time for sharing loving moments.

Take this time of your life to create special moments to spend with your children. Set aside a specific time, maybe at bedtime or in the evenings. It should be a time when homework is finished, the television is turned off, and it is just you and your child.

Use this time to talk with your children, to find out what's going on their lives at school or with friends. Listen carefully, paying attention to what they are saying to you. Don't critique or be quick to judge. Just listen and make appropriate, nonjudgmental comments. Allow your children to be honest with their feelings. Allow them to tell the truth without getting upset or overreacting. When you can do this, your children will feel comfortable coming to you in the future with their problems or concerns. This is how you can maintain those open lines of communication.

Let your children sense the pride your feel for them. Find something they did that day or week to praise them about. Hug them in a warm embrace and allow them to feel validated by your approval.

When your children are born you look into their tiny eyes and your heart melts as your fall in love. The years just seem to disappear and each year your children just keep maturing before you. Use this time of your life to let them know every chance you get how loved they are and what a special gift they are to you. You can never tell your children too much of how much you love them. It gives your child a wonderful feeling of security and warmth. They will feel safe and protected by your love.

And again, hug your children and tell them how much they are loved by you.

This special love relationship you are building between you and your child can produce a lifetime of loving relationships for your child. The lives you create and form today will determine the adults your children turn out to be. It can be trying at times. But never allow your frustrations to cloud your ability to show your children how much you love them.

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