Mind Control Improves Mental Health

Mind Control


Mind control is perceived by many as a form of brainwashing. This is true to an extent but mind control also extends beyond that. It is important to know that we all have the ability to self-control our minds by the mental stimulation we receive.

Advances in research has led scientists to get a better understanding of the capability of the brain and its ability to change and grow as we age. Scientists have discovered that we do have a certain amount of control over the health of our brains and mind by the stimulation we give it.

Part of staying mentally healthy is to stimulate the brain and control the mind. Just as our physical body functions better with physical exercise, the brain and mind functions better with mental exercises.

According to the Franklin Institute, engaging our mind in activities that allow us to actively think provides us with more mental muscle and improved brain function. It helps to keep our brains active and responsive while improving alertness, memory, and attention. It also helps to maintain our optimism.

Here are a few strategic, mentally stimulating suggestions to improve your ability to control your mind.

  • Try your hand at crossword puzzles or games such as chess, sudoku, boggle or scrabble.

  • Always have a good book on hand.

  • Take a self-improvement course or a college course. Education can provide a huge mental boost, not to mention the self-confidence and self-esteem it brings.

  • Take up a hobby or restart an old hobby. My 83 year old dad recently started to learn to play the piano.

  • Learn a new language.

  • Take up yoga or meditation.

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Polish up your social skills, meeting interesting, uplifting people.

  • Engage in interesting conversation. Stay up to date on current events. Give up the shallow, gossiping conversations, and introduce intelligent dialogue that allows you to think.

  • Consume a well-balanced diet from a variety of foods.

  • Avoid hours in front of the television. This can stunt your brain's ability to grow.

  • Filter out the junk elements in your life. Get rid of the things that drain the mind and intellect.

    Staying mentally healthy and maintaining mind control also means the following:

  • Avoid negative, critical people. It can be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. They drain your positive energy by their extreme negativity, cynicism, criticism, jealousy, complaining, and self-absorbed ways. You end up spending valuable mental effort recovering from these kinds of people. Learn to slowly filter them out of your life.

  • Be selective of the books you read. Input uplifting, stimulating material that will take you to a higher level of thinking and awareness.

  • Be selective of the shows you watch on TV. We are constantly bombarded with stories of murder, terrorism, or kidnapping that send us in a negative spin. Filter them out. Choose stimulating, informative shows when you do decide to watch TV.

  • Organize you environment. Some of us have become compulsive savers, saving everything that enters our lives. Go through the clutter and decide what is worth saving, what is worth throwing away, and what you will be giving to someone in need. A cluttered environment will drive you crazy. If your space is cluttered, it's an indication of how you feel. As you begin to clear the clutter in your environment, your mind is also liberated and you begin to think more clearly.

  • Clean up your environment. It is important to one's mental state of mind to have a clean space to live in. By that I mean, a clean refrigerator where you store the food you eat, a clean bathroom where you clean yourself. Garbage needs to be contained or thrown out. Your physical environment is a reflection of your mental state. When you have a clean environment, your state of mind improves giving your more clarity and thinking ability.

    So I bet you never knew that you had such mind control abilities? Now that you are informed, it's time to act on it. These simple measures can go a long way to transforming your mind and your ability to function on a higher level. If you need help, find a coach or life strategist to assist you or please feel free to contact me.

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