Prevent Mind Illusions

Mind Illusions


Mind Illusions are something we all experience when our thinking is not clear. At times we may not even be aware of how our beliefs can cloud our ability to remain lucid. Beliefs are feelings of absolute certainty about something even though they may be wrong.

  • How is your mentality?

  • Do you have an open mind?

  • Are you flexible in your thinking?

  • Are you stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas?

  • Are you intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others?

    False mental images and mind illusions can be avoided if one can cultivate the ability to think outside the box..

    Someone once said "our minds are like parachutes; they only function when they are open." As a life strategist, I encourage open-mindedness. It promotes mental flexibility so you can make greater strides in your life and at the same time help you to discard false perceptions that can mislead you - even inaccurate self-perceptions that can create issues of self-esteem.

    We all like to think that we have an open mind. But what does that really mean? In my opinion having an open mind means having the capability to accept information without any biases or prejudices, even when they don't fall within the realm of your beliefs, opinions or culture. It means having the flexibility and willingness to experience the unknown through thought, word or action. With this type of flexibility you are less uptight, able to take in information more easily, which leads to improved mental clarity.

    It is difficult to know when you are inflexible in your thinking unless you step outside of your accustomed environment. And even when you do it may feel uncomfortable and may quickly feel ready to step back into the comfort of your environment. Then you easily settle back into your one-dimensional ways of seeing things and your one-dimensional point of views. This state of mind enables mind illusions because you haven't stepped outside of your box to be able to look in on the big picture.

    Developing an open mind comes from your exposure to various situations, beliefs, opinions, or cultures. I have been fortunate to live in different countries and traveled extensively. I have seen my transformation over the years in the way I think. It has given me the opportunity to learn about the way other people think and behave, giving me more tolerance and understanding of them. Learning about other cultures can expand your mind in remarkable ways. You will never know unless you try. But once you do, you mind will expand in dimensions you never expected.

    Our world is slowly merging through globalization and inter-cultural relationships. If we remain locked in our one-dimensional ways of thinking, we bring unnecessary stress upon ourselves. In the process false perceptions and mind illusions take over causing us to miss out on wonderful opportunities to grow. Remember, you will never know that your mindset is one-dimensional until you allow it to expand.

    Part of mental growth it taking advantage of the opportunities within your communities to learn about other ways of thinking and processing information. It will help you to be less judgmental and critical of others. It will bring more unity and less dividedness. It would make our world a better place to live.

    Strategic Tips to promote more open-mindedness and prevent mind illusions.

  • Learn a new language. I recently learned to speak Spanish, which has given me the opportunity to reach out to and grow from a culture that I was unable to connect with in the past.

  • Travel outside your country more often. Taking a vacation within your own country just doesn't count in terms of expanding your cultural experiences and open-mindedness. Do the research and investigate safe places to travel.

  • Attend programs that teach about cultural diversity.

  • Exposure to culturally diverse music and plays.

  • Break away from the same patterns and read diverse literature.

    In order to achieve mental health and discard mind illusions, we must learn to develop mental flexibility. Be willing to try something new in order to grow. If you help, feel free to contact me.

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