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The parenting information I wish to share with you is comprised of lessons and tips I have had much success with as a parent as well as in mentoring and coaching parents. Allow this information to bring you more awareness regarding the issues at hand when parenting. Whatever your parenting style may be, the following information can help to make positive enhancements in your approach.

Early in my parenting journey I knew the kind of parent I wanted to be. I have had the opportunity to practice my principles and values with my child, and, fortunately, have experienced great success. I use these same techniques in coaching my clients, who have also had many success stories.

This parenting information page should be used to analyze your current parenting styles. Every parent loves their child, wants the best for their child, and has the best of intentions with the strategies they use in raising their children. But even with the best intentions, some of your techniques may not be ideal for your children. This is one of the most difficult things parents have to accept in raising their children.

We often develop our parenting skills unconsciously, according to the way we were parented. If you have not sought additional parenting education or read books on parenting, you will likely pass on to your children the same parenting style you grew up with. If your household as a child was dysfunctional, there is a chance that you will parent your child with the same or similar dysfunctions. Unless you make a conscious effort to break negative cycles and apply better, and more thought-out methods for parenting your children, your children may live the same negative experiences that you endured growing up. If you want to be a better parent, the links below are a great place to start. If you are committed to your role as a parent, and seek some parenting information, you have already made a solid decision by clicking on this web page. I have written this parenting information with you in mind and with the best of intentions for your family. Keep an open mind and use it to help you along this beautiful journey of parenthood.

Remember, if at any time you need help implementing any of these techniques, I recommend you contact a parenting coach, or please feel free to contact me.

Unsure of where to begin? Just start clicking on each of the following links below. My techniques can provide you with the opportunity to diagnose and fine-tune your current parenting styles and make the necessary changes to improve your current approach.

Begin By Clicking The Links Below

  • Do you have a Plan for Raising your Children?

  • Who is Your Child’s Role Model?

  • Did you know that you can ensure a proper education for your child by Getting Involved?

  • Do you foster Spiritual Growth in your children?

  • What form of Child Discipline do you use? Is it teaching good behavior or emotionally wounding your child?

  • Do you Take the Time to Reason with your Child on their level?

  • How do you Motivate your Children?

  • Are you Raising Independent Children?

  • Do you allow your children time for play and social development?

  • Do you teach your child Good Manners?

  • Are you raising Confident Children?

  • Do you teach your children about Money Management?

  • Are you aware of and understand the Developmental Stages of your children?

  • Teaching your children to expect adversity and how to be adaptable puts them at a greater advantage to have the Best Life possible.

  • Did you know that a loving relationship between you and your child teaches your children to be loving for future relationships?

    Use this parenting information as a means of examining your parenting styles. There is always room for improvement.

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