Benefits of Physical Activity


Physical activity can prevent the risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, strokes, and many more life threatening diseases. It can also be the cure for a variety of illnesses.

The benefits of physical exercise are enormous.

  • Improves your psychological well-being.

  • It can reduce depression and anxiety.

  • Can help you cope with stress.

  • Boost your confidence and allows us to have more positive self-perceptions.

  • Boost self-esteem.

  • Can increase levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin that offers emotional stability, mental alertness, and gives a feeling of calm and euphoria.

  • Help you to be more focused, to think more clearly and perform better in all aspects of life.

  • Releases the hormone endorphin, which can lift your moods and make you feel good.

  • Helps you to sleep better at night.

  • Tones your muscles while you trim fat.

    Now that you know the importance of exercise to staying physically healthy, make the commitment to change your lifestyle. Are you still using the same old excuses of not enough time? Or is it that you lack self-discipline? If you need some life coaching motivation, contact me.

    According to the American Heart Association, if you are ready to commit to some physical activity, especially after being sedentary, a to visit your doctor for a complete physical is recommended. Let your doctor know of your plan to begin exercising.

    Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Wear clothing that are comfortable, and loose-fitting. Make sure it is appropriate for the weather and the physical activity. Cotton clothing is ideal.

  • Give yourself enough time to get your exercise done. Select a time when it's convenient so you won't have to miss your scheduled exercise. If for some reason you had to miss your exercise, find another way to get some form physical activity throughout your day. Don't put it off. It's easy to fall out of your exercise routine.

  • Get a headset with some favorite music to keep you entertained and motivated. Music can help to elevate your mood and keep you feeling enthusiastic.

  • Hang around with people who are exercise oriented. Maybe a workout buddy or people who are health conscious. This encourages your efforts.

  • Start easy and pace yourself. Increase the duration and intensity as you become fitter. In time you will be exercising almost every day for about 30-60 minutes.

  • Reward yourself for your efforts. Get a massage!

  • Remember, exercise can be simple and easy. if you do what comes fun and natural for you. This way you can stay committed and consistent to regular physical activity. Here are some great ideas.

    Just Choose One!

  • Roller blading, Skateboarding

  • Tennis

  • Running, walking

  • Swimming

  • Basketball

  • Aerobics (step aerobics, water aerobics)

  • Dancing

  • There must be one of the above physical activity that you enjoy doing. If you want to feel something different, you must be willing to try something different. Begin today!

    Let the naturally good-feeling hormones, endorphins, flow throughout your body. Feel the stress evaporate from your body. Feel the sense of humor return. If you can’t do it alone, get the entire family involved, or your friends.

    Just think how much better you will feel for trying!

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