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Physical fitness is one of the most important ingredients to achieving any kind of success in life. I can state this without hesitation, especially in light of my personal struggles with my own health. It has to be a significant component of your life. It's easy to take your health for granted and ignore the signs your body sends you each day. It's easy to think that your "to do" list takes precedence over your physical fitness. Nonetheless, don’t make the mistake of waiting until you become seriously ill to start paying attention to your physical self.

Without good health you will be unable to live a satisfying life. The discipline you use to stay focused on your daily "to do list" must also be applied to preserving your physical health. Let's face it: there is no short cut to becoming physically fit. There is no quick fix for staying physically healthy. It’s easy to take medication to relieve certain symptoms, which gives a false sense of good health but many medications are a not a cure. Oftentimes the underlying cause or illness remains and without proper diet and regular exercise no amount of medication will improve your health.

Eighteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called lupus. The symptoms I lived with resulted in many physical and emotional limitations, such that my ability to realize my day-to day activities was seriously affected. Although I was prescribed many medications to relieve the symptoms the illness remained was still active. After taking my health into my own hands I discovered that the key to keeping the illness under control was to become physically fit. That meant learning to live a healthy lifestyle through a proper diet and regular exercise. Consequently, I made a conscious decision to change my lifestyle and was able to send the lupus that I have seen other family members fall victim to into remission.

Surely, many of you are already convinced that physical fitness is essential and have already incorporated it into your life or intend to do so. But physical fitness is also a mental state of mind; it is about adopting a mentality that keeps you proactive and constantly aware of the healthy habits you must stick to. Decide what is important to you. Reanalyze how you manage your time and consider how you can introduce more physical activity into your day. It is also essential to learn how to become a better shopper when it comes to food and prepare your meals adequately in order to fuel your body with healthy foods.

A nutritious, balanced diet and plenty of physical activity are the winning formula to achieving physical fitness.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), regular exercise significantly reduces the risk of dying from coronary heart disease. The risk for colon cancer, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure is also reduced. The CDC also concedes that physical activity leads to healthy bones, muscles, and joints and reduces the pain of arthritis and the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Fewer visits are made to the doctor, less medication is prescribed, and fewer hospital visits are required. .

"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. "- Buddha

What does physical fitness really mean? Many people believe that physical fitness is building muscle and developing a well-defined figure. We tend to focus on the aesthetic benefits that we lose sight of the importance of getting and remaining “fit” on the inside, as well. Physical fitness means just that: fitness in every sense of the word, both internally and externally. Physical fitness is really about about having all of our vital organs, bones, and blood circulation performing at their optimum and working together as a whole, achieving overall health. Often, we are not even aware that our body is not functioning at its optimum. We get an occasional ache and pain, and before long, we become accustomed to living with it.

Regardless of your name, fame, or other achievements, ill health will prevent you from enjoying your life. It will hold you back from reaching your true potential as a human being.

Awareness is the first step to achieving good physical health. In the words of Aristotle "The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival."

Are you physically healthy? How can you tell?

Because I have had my share of ill health, I am aware of the importance of good health. I am also aware of how the body can heal itself when we practice healthy habits. We cannot achieve our true potential without sound physical health. Knowledge of your physical condition empowers you to take action. Remaining in denial and avoiding the facts can potentially destroy you.

Physical fitness means having all our vital organs our muscles, heart, lungs, bones, and blood circulation, performing at their optimum and working together as a whole to achieve overall optimum function. We may not even be aware that our bodies are not functioning at its optimum. We get an occasional ache and pain and before long we become so accustomed to living with them.

Don't wait for your health to fail you to take action! Why do you think there is so much talk about physical fitness? It's because of how vital it is to your overall success and fulfillment as a human being.

I have designed this page so you can become aware of the focal areas of your health. These areas must be considered in the category of NEED TO KNOW:

Click on each link below to become more aware of your physical condition :

I The genetic diseases in your family

II Your cholesterol levels

III Your Blood Pressure reading

IV Your Blood Sugar Level

  • MEN



  • Are healthy foods part of your daily diet?

  • Do you adhere to some form of physical activity?

  • How is your physical aura and appearance?

  • How much alcohol so you consume daily?

  • Do you smoke? Do something nice for yourself and stop smoking?

  • Is sleep deprivation a way of life for you?

  • Are you aware of your symptoms of stress and how to cope?

    Stay informed and educated about your physical condition. Be an example of good health for your children to follow. By implementing healthy principles in your life, you will be better prepared physically to reach your goals in life. .

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