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Relationship Advice


Family Life

In today's busy pace of life, time for family is often overlooked. There is an enormous amount of bickering and contention that occurs in families and these things cause family bonds tend to sever. When family ties are strong, families can better cope with the tough issues that life presents. A happy family life supports and promotes emotional wellness. Healthy emotions enables goal achievements for the entire family.

If your relationship with family members is solid, continue to nurture it. Hold dear those relationships, showing in loving ways how much they mean to you. Family ties should never be taken for granted.

In many families, feuds break out and relationships can become turbulent. If you are on bad terms with a family member, try to work it out. Harboring negative feelings can interfere with your emotional and mental health. Here is some relationship advice on handling conflicting family members.

  • Whenever a conflict erupts step away and allow everyone to calm down. At a later time if you feel the need to resolve it, call a family meeting. Consciously plan to remain calm during the meeting or nothing will get resolved.

  • The meeting should not be about pointing fingers. Accept your role in the conflict and take the high road. Be the bigger person carrying a spirit of forgiveness.

  • Try to figure out the type of personalities and characteristics you are dealing with. If it's someone who always thinks they are right, let them think they are right. You can never win with such personalities.

  • If you are the one with the high need to win or be right, let it go. Do you want emotional calm in your life or is it more important to be right?

  • If family meetings are painfully difficult, make a b brief appearance with plans to leave early.

  • Learn to hold back even when you hear opinions flying that you don't agree with. According to Phillips Brooks "A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words."

    Social Life

    Time for recreation and socialization adds significance to your life. We are by nature social beings. We are designed to be with others, to laugh and have fun. Without this our lives we will be sad and lacking something meaningful.

    As we grow older and mature, careers and families consume our existence leaving very little time for play. Some adults are so uptight they even frown upon having fun.

    The best relationship advice I can offer to you is to bring out the child in you. Make time for friends, for dinner parties, barbecues, for dancing, and laughter. Feel the love that your friends bring to your life. Cherish your friendships and stay connected to them.

    These times can alleviate tension and remove stress from your life. It can make you feel young again. Try it this weekend. My relationship advice to you is - instead of going off to eat alone with your spouse or your partner, have a dinner party. Cook together and laugh together. Put on your favorite music and dance. Fire up the karaoke and sing! Feel alive and happy!


    Do you feel lonely, in need of love and affection? Are you involved in a meaningful relationship? Is that something you desire?

    My relationship advice for staying emotionally healthy includes having your need for love and affection met. If you are in a healthy relationship, nurture it. As years go by, try not to take it for granted.

    Do special things for each other. Make dates with each other. Set aside quality moments together for fun and for intimacy. Light the candles, put on some romantic music, set the mood. This is the glue that holds your relationship together.

    Express your love in physical ways, making love, trying new love making techniques, and reaching orgasm. This physical connection strengthens the bond between you and your partner. Ladies, you need to allow your partner to help you achieve female orgasm. Orgasms can cause the release of the happy hormones, serotonin and endorphins, that can relieve anxiety, bring a feeling of calm, boost your immune system, and help you to sleep better at night.


    My dating advice to you as a life strategist is, if you are not in a meaningful relationship and you feel the need for one, act on it. Get involved in activities that will open up more opportunities for meeting people. Don't forget to be approachable and carry your friendly, genuine smile always.

    Here are a few dating strategies on where to begin:

  • Dating services.

  • Church attendance.

  • Singles groups or dances.

  • Attend seminars or self-improvement courses.

  • Join a club-hiking, biking, canoing, or whatever your interest is.

  • Forget the bars. Chances are the kind of person you seek for a meaningful relationship would not be found there.

    Relationship Advice on Dating Services

    In my opinion, dating services are the safest and most intelligent way to meet people.

    In today’s society where our concerns for meeting people have multiplied, a reputable dating service can do the leg work for you. There are many online dating services. Online dating gives you an opportunity to screen the individual in the privacy of your home, see your common interests, see what the person looks like, and if they are geographically desirable, all before you meet. And best of all you know they want to be involved in a relationship because they have signed on with the service. It's a no brainer!

    If you seek a meaningful connection with someone, my relationship advice for you is to take the first step. Don't wait for someone to fall into your lap. Follow the instructions above and make it happen.

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