Persistent Sad Face?

Sad Face


A sad face is what we wear when we experience some sad event in our lives. Sadness is a normal emotion. All emotions are produced from thoughts, and thoughts are produced by our belief system.

Feelings of sadness are accompanied by a heaviness inside that depletes the body of energy. As the body experiences the symptoms of sadness along with the disheartening thoughts, the brain then begins to produce parallel chemicals that prolong the sadness.

Some people may have occasional feelings of sadness maybe due to the death of a loved one, a break up, loss of employment, or maybe some disappointment. Other people continuously feel sad and never understand the reason why. Because our beliefs create our thoughts and our thoughts controls our actions, a prolonged sad face can become a form of self-conditioning, believing that life is something sad. Because we are creatures of habit, we can begin to adapt to this mindset and as a result everything can seem sad.

When you feel sad you feel like crying. It's ok to cry. Sometimes we feel better after a good cry. However, when the crying takes over and the sadness becomes uncontrollable there may be serious underlying reasons.

Persistent sadness gives you a very dark and pessimistic outlook in life. There seems no hope for you. The sorrow you feel inside places you in rotten mood leaving no room for happiness to enter. Your emotional wellness is compromised and all your aspirations and goals are a buried beneath the hurt.

Sadness has a tendency of isolating us. You may feel ashamed of it and the sad face you cannot seem to get rid of so you may make excuses to conceal it. This kind of sadness is unhealthy. It can lead to other serious problems. Sometimes you may not even know or understand the reason for your sadness.

Talking about your sadness can help to wipe away the sad face that has been characteristic of you. As the sadness is lifted, the sad face is replaced with a happy face and emotional health is restored.

It's important to determine if your sadness is temporary due to a recent event in your life or it's an extended, sustained sadness. If the sadness persists for months or years, interfering with your life, leaving you depressed or crying uncontrollably, you may be clinically depressed and must seek professional help.

Don't be afraid to shop around or get recommendations from friends for a professional you can connect with. This is so important to your healing. Work to get to the bottom of your sadness. There is always a reason for it. In doing so, happiness and peace can find some room to enter your life.

This is your life, TAKE ACTION!

Oftentimes our beliefs create thoughts that contribute to our sadness. See the section on thought awareness and try to identify the beliefs that might be making you sad. Work to eliminate these limiting beliefs from your life. Each new day is another opportunity to improve your life. Take advantage of each opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Don't allow sadness to define you and interfere with achieving your goals. Erase the sad face.

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