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On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is having a very high self esteem, where do feel you rank on that scale?

Now that you ranked your self-esteem, is there room for improvement in this area of your life? If so, a great strategy for feeling good and achieving your best is making a commitment to raising your level of self-worth, which boosts your level of esteem. When you value yourself highly, you are more emotionally prepared to manage your life and handle the challenges that arise.

There is no one formula approach to improving self-esteem. Building self-esteem means building self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-control. It means having the willingness to take small steps and as a result your self-esteem will drastically improve.

Self esteem is how you feel about yourself, how you perceive yourself. It's about the value we place on us, how high or how low. Your self-esteem is something you develop while growing up -the way you were treated by your parents, family members, teachers, peers, or any authority figure you maintained contact with all had something to do with how you perceive yourself. The way you were taught to handle your achievements and your mishaps plays a definite role is the formation of your self worth.

When you experience feelings of low self esteem, you automatically take on two different personalities. One personality carries the low value of you. This personality you live with in your mind, the one you see in the mirror, the one that cannot say "thank you" when someone pays you a compliment.

The other personality is the public image you work so hard to maintain. Your efforts are placed on concealing the person you believe you are. You buy into any doctrine or advertisements that claim to promote anything you may be longing to feel.

When your self esteem is low, you have no strong footing. You are unsure of who you are. You are extremely sensitive. Other people's comments leave you feeling inadequate or inferior. You cannot find true contentment in this state of mind. You must work to rise above these feelings and recognize your true worth.

When you carry feelings of high worth you hold yourself in high esteem. Nothing or no one can undermine you. You are sure of yourself and comfortable with who you are. You radiate positive energy. You are not arrogant nor boastful but humble, able to communicate your positive feelings to others in a confident manner. You can make fun of yourself and laugh when others make fun of you. In this state of mind you can achieve anything you desire.

So how do we raise our self esteem? First obtain a copy of my eBook This book will help you to be mindful of the external forces at work that seek to destroy your self esteem. Here are a few:


We all want to feel beautiful. There is nothing wrong with that. But by whose standards of beauty do we adhere? The ones that we see in magazines, TV, the airbrushed, flawless images we are bombarded with everyday? When did beauty become synonymous with size? The size of your waistline or, in the case of women, the size of your breasts. This kind of beauty is a narrow-minded, superficial representation of what real beauty is.

Unfortunately when you live with feelings of low self esteem, you buy into these subjective concepts that drag you down even further. Many succumb to fad diets, eating disorders, and plastic surgery, falling prey to the quick-fix mentality of beauty. Beauty comes from within, by our actions, the way we carry ourselves, the way we treat others, our character. External beauty is short-lived, superficial, and worse, useless, if we don't have a high self esteem to pull it off.


When you carry feelings of low self esteem, you fight to conceal the person you believe you are by doing things you think would enhance your value. The marketing companies have done their homework on how to use brand association to reach people. The whole idea behind owning that label and spending the big bucks psychologically satisfies the feeling that "I am worth something." Someone with low self-esteem buys into these concepts. However, after the hype settles, the old insecurities return leaving even more room for another material fix, a bigger fix. Before you know it, you grow dependent on external, material things to define your value and your character.

Another form of labeling is when you allow labels to be placed on your children. It's a form of passing judgment or going along with someone else's opinions. True there are exceptions but we are so hell-bent on quick-fixes that we feel anxious to give our children a diagnosis to relive ourselves of our own shortcomings. After a while the labels stick and the child begins to live up to the expectation attached to the label. Labeling can have long-term psychological effects that lead to low self esteem and major insecurities.

Having low self-esteem can cause you to feel things about yourself that are untrue. You must introduce new concepts in your lives to change the old self-perceptions.

How badly do you want to improve your self esteem? It is the door to true happiness and success.

Life Coaching TIPS to raise self esteem.

  • Let go of this quick-fix mentality you are brainwashed to believe. Be patient and give yourself some time. If not, you will feel that any effort you make is in vain.

  • Get off the couch and engage in some form of physical activity. Find something you like, roller skating, playing tennis, basketball, dancing, walking, or step aerobics. These activities kick in those feel good, naturally producing hormones, endorphins, and serotonin, which gives us a quick boost. Now this is a quick-fix!

  • Stop criticizing yourself. We have enough destructive forces against us, don't add to the problem be part of the solution. Every time you find yourself saying something negative about yourself, stop and say three positive things to counteract the negative. But make sure you are not just paying yourself empty compliments. Be honest, or your unconscious will know. Make a list of these positive qualities and repeat them every day. Part of repeating these niceties to yourself is to slowly develop an alternate opinion of yourself, feeding the conscious mind with pleasant thoughts of you.

  • Avoid criticizing others. When you criticize others, it makes a statement about your state of mind. It's a clear indication that you don't feel good about yourself. A verse in the Bible says "sweet water cannot flow from a salty spring." When you stop criticizing others, it also breaks the negative cycle of criticism.

  • Avoid negative, toxic people. Stop hanging around them. They tend to rub off their personality disorders on you. Associate with positive thinking, kind, and compassionate people. They will open their hearts to you and encourage you towards an upward path.

  • Try to be the best you can and do the best you can at all times. Do not compare yourself with other people. Who do you live to please? Avoid getting caught up in the "I should" game. I should have more money, I should have nicer clothes, I should have a better education, I should have a bigger house, I should be more on top of things, I should be thinner. I should as compared to whom? These thoughts will hold you back, placing a ball and chain around your emotions. Establish your own standards and don"t share them with anyone. Adopt the mentality "it's my life" and live for you! It's not what you have but how you FEEL!

  • Regaining your self-esteem means building self-confidence. Begin to make tiny decisions, take a chance, and believe you can succeed. Toss away pride; don't be afraid to make that first decision. Take a course, go back to school, start a small business, work from home. However, when you choose a task, make sure it is something you feel you can accomplish. In other words, don't start a business if you cannot consistently make it out of bed during the day.

    Don't be afraid to take that first step. Many people feel that they have to start big. We are all programmed to believe in the big dream, the big money, the big everything. But remember the people who have achieved greatness all started with taking that first small step and building their confidence along the way. No one builds confidence overnight. Self-confidence and self-esteem are like a pair of hands - they work together to help us achieve great things in our lives.

  • Do something nice for someone. Give what you have, your time, talent, money, etc. You will be amazed how quickly your self-esteem increases when you help others. Do what you are capable of, read to sick children at the hospital, prepare a dish for a sick neighbor, or do their grocery shopping, get involved in a local charity. Doing good deeds slowly replaces the negative feelings we cherish of ourselves with goodness, positive thinking. Not to mention the joy it brings to those you help.

    Use these strategies to improve your self-esteem today. If you feel you cannot do it alone, please contact a life coach to assist you or click below on smiley.

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