Why Spirituality Matters


Spirituality matters because it allows us the tools we need to be better citizens of the world. When we can find our spiritual identity, our lives have more purpose, more meaning, more balance. You will instinctively want to be good, to do good. You will have more respect for self and for others.

I believe that spirituality matters because it allows us the ability to remain centered in life. The state of our world today, the chaos we see around us is a reflection of spiritual diseases. Without spirituality we become void and the meaning of what it is to be human is lost. Just as our physical bodies develop diseases, a spiritual void will develop diseases of the soul such as:

  • Hatred
  • Hostility
  • Greed
  • Jealousy
  • Revengefulness
  • Selfishness
  • Self-indulgence/Hedonistic tendencies
  • Unkindness
  • Dishonesty

    Studies have shown that a healthy spiritual life can improve our general physical health. It can reduce high blood pressure, anxiety, depression as well as boost our immune system.

    Spirituality can foster our faith, giving us more ammunition to cope with difficulties in our lives. Many people turn to alcohol or drugs when challenges arise in life. The individual with a lack of spiritual nurturing will naturally resort to these external devices to cope when problems arise. These coping strategies precipitate other problems such as addiction, depression, emotional imbalances or physical illness. This can deprive us from reaching our goals. When we are spiritually full we learn to have virtues such as faith, hope, and courage which can strengthen us, propelling us to living our potential.

    Spiritual wellness can reduce stress. A dependency on a higher power relieves us of our burdens, allowing us the feeling that we are not alone on this journey of life. It brings us comfort. It gives us the ability to cope.

    Spirituality matters because it gives a feeling of hopefulness, a security for the future.

    Begin your spiritual transformation. Eradicate the spiritual diseases that can hold you back from reaching your true potential. Observe the peace you feel within as your soul is cleansed. Feel the ease at which you life achieves full balance.

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