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Although it is essential to invest and develop all aspects of our personal life, our spirituality is the most fundamental of all of our components. When we develop spiritually, we, as human beings, are much closer to achieving the feeling of completeness necessary for total fulfillment.

In my opinion, the depth of one's spirituality defines their character. When we are spiritual, our character traits exemplify goodness. We have the ability to rise above our materialistic, worldly existence, and make the connection with a higher power and the universe.

In spiritual terms humans are defined as having 4 components:

  • Physical body
  • Intellect
  • Spirit
  • Soul

    Spirituality encompasses the spirit and the soul.

    The Soul is manifested through our consciousness – emotions, thoughts, will, desire, conscience, affection, intuition, perception, and self-awareness.

    The Spirit is manifested by our character – temperament, disposition, tendency, individuality, habits, frame of mind, ambition and drive.

    Spiritual fullness can give you the kind of wisdom that, when put into practice, can enhance our lives in unimaginable ways. In the process of making the spiritual connection, we will discover a level of awareness necessary to cleanse our spirit and purify our soul. As we mature spiritually we can begin to flourish in ways we always hoped. A positive transformation will begin to take place in our lives. We all seek to make positive changes. Our natural tendency as human beings is to continue and develop as we move toward achieving goodness in our lives. By feeding our souls with spiritual food, we are better positioned to make the positive changes we desire.

    Your spirituality serves as a compass. When the storms of life become difficult, it can guide you. When in doubt, you will receive direction. When your spiritual need is satisfied, you will have the necessary guidance to achieve more balance in your life. It will help you attain goodness in your life, eliminating all the malignancies that can devour you. Teilhard de Chardin said, "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey; we are spiritual beings on a human journey." Even with this knowledge, we have become a society with a culture that places great emphasis on acquiring external things, amassing wealth and material possessions. Because of this, it is easy to lose the focus of our internal self and the higher consciousness needed to nurture the human spirit. It is the spirit that feeds the soul and produces the essence of who we are. Affiliating with a particular religion does not guarantee a pure spirit. It takes a conscious effort to purify the soul and cleanse the spirit. When the spirit is cleansed we take on a characteristic that exudes spiritual wellness. Our behavior will reflect:

    • Love
    • Joy, happiness
    • Peace
    • Tolerance
    • Kindness
    • Compassion
    • Honesty
    • Faith
    • Humility
    • Self-control
    • Motivation
    • Determination
    • Ambition
    • Gratitude
    • Forgiveness
    So what is the human spirit we hear so much of?

    The human spirit is the core and essence of who we are. Feeding and nurturing the human spirit is one of the greatest investments we, as a species, can make. Spirituality is the reflection of our human spirit. It is not an opinion or a feeling, but a way of life.

    There were times in my life that I wanted to give up because the emotional and mental struggles I faced seemed too much to handle. The agony I experienced had weakened my spirit and left me feeling emotionally exiled from life. Yet there was a small voice that came from within me that pushed me to keep fighting. Even though I felt emotionally paralyzed, that voice from deep inside urged me to take the first step towards improving my life. It was my spirit that provoked me to seek help.

    When I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 30, I knew my situation was potentially fatal. I didn't know how to face my illness. But it was my unyielding human spirit that led me to begin educating myself about the illness. I obtained the necessary information, learned what I had to do to stay healthy, but again, it was my spirit that allowed me the discipline and self-control necessary to take care of my health.

    If you allow it to do so, the human spirit feeds you with compassion and love for others and moves you to perform acts of kindness. When you see the homeless man on the street it is your human spirit that causes you to reach out to him, offering food, money, or help in some way or another. It is your spirit that allows you to pick up the phone and call your parents, forgiving them. It is your human spirit that accepts you for who you are and allows you to love yourself. It is your human spirit that enables you to accept others even though they may not be of the same culture or color, but because they are also children of God and the Universe. It is your human spirit that gives you the integrity to be honest in your business and social relationships each day.

    When you experience spiritual wellness, you will feel a peace within and your behavior will reflect the peace you feel. Your life will blossom, giving you the stability and direction to transcend the ordinary and achieve greatness in your life. You will have more insight that will permit you to make better decisions for your future. When your spiritual need is satisfied, your life will have more meaning, more purpose.

    As parents, we ought to use this information to teach our children to be spiritual. In order to do this, we first have to do a spiritual evaluation of our own lives. It is important to recognize what our core values are to see what kind of examples we set for our children. Are you passing on the right values to your children? Teach your kids the virtues of spirituality so they can achieve resilience during their childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Help them find ways to nurture their own spirit so they can find and strengthen their true character as they grow into adulthood and face even more challenging situations.

    I have provided this information to bring about more awareness of the need for spiritual growth. In both my personal life as well as my life consulting practice, I have observed that a nurtured spiritual life brings more contentment. A content person is a happy person. A happy person is a fulfilled and satisfied person. I see how spirituality can create less stress in many and allow people of all ages to be more in touch with themselves. People with a strong sense of spirituality are generally more willing to make changes in their lives.

    How is your spiritual condition?

    • How is your spirit?
    • Is there room for improvement in your life?
    • Are you satisfied with the spiritual environment in your home?
    • Can you recognize spiritual deficiencies in your life?
    • If so are you ready to make a commitment to feeding your soul with more spiritual food?

    The decision is yours to make. As you chose a more spiritual journey through this life, there will still be be struggles and temptations along the way but the ease with which you handle them allows more forward progress and a life with more meaning.

    How is your soul?

    Click on each link below for your spirituality self-evaluation.

    I appeal to you to use this information on spirituality to examine your spiritual condition and implement the necessary changes. The decision is yours to make. Even though there will always be struggles and temptations along the way, a more spiritual approach to life will make it easier to confront these difficult situations, and you will be able to live a life with more growth and meaning.

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