What is Spirituality?


What is spirituality :

According to Webster’s dictionary spirituality means having the nature of spirit; affecting the soul; from or relating to God.

Spirituality is an individual connection with a power greater than us. When we allow our minds to move beyond our everyday responsibilities, our struggles, and our worries to a place of peace and enlightenment, we begin to discover the magnificence within us.

As we become more aware of our inner radiance, a transformation begins to take place in our lives. A feeling of tranquility and harmony occupies our core creating a more spiritual being. As we become more spiritual we will strive to do good, to be good, and to help others to achieve that goodness. This goodness within frees us from our fears, allowing us the ability to make positive changes in our lives.

Spirituality allows you an abundance of courage to take on life and its challenges. It drives away fear and gives you the tenacity to make fearless, wholesome decisions in life. It supports your level of faith, which gives you more optimism for the future.

It promotes improved physical and psychological health. Spirituality moves the mind and body into a restful, peaceful state where stress can be more readily released and positive energies can flow. It promotes stronger immune systems and minimal stress responses with normal activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

As your life is transformed, you will feel more balanced, centered, happier, and more accomplished. More positive thinking will ensue. Your life will soar to heights you have never imagined.

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