About Audrey Marlene

Audrey Marlene is an International Life Strategist who has dedicated her life to guiding and empowering others through a journey of self-discovery where they can achieve their Best, personally and professionally. Her remarkable ability to identify the core elements of a problem and design specific, pragmatic, and effective solutions sets her apart.

Living and traveling around the world has allowed Audrey Marlene the opportunity to develop a global understanding of individuals across cultural barriers giving her a more comprehensive perception for creating specific solutions. Her career spans from working with the impoverished and building a health clinic in a small village of El Salvador, serving as a wellness consultant for organizations such as UNICEF and CARE to coaching adults, parents and teens and serving as adviser/consultant to small businesses and executives to founding her own business.

Audrey Marlene holds a certification from Cornell University in Executive Leadership. Other academic achievements come from the study of the human body during her studies in Molecular Biology and Microbiology — beginning from its cellular components to mastering an understanding of it as a whole. Her master’s degree in neuropsychology and her extensive research of the human mind gives her a unique perspective in understanding human behavior on several significant levels. Audrey Marlene is a BCIA-EEG (Biofeedback Certification Institute of America - Electroencephalography) certified neurofeedback practitioner, equipped with innumerable tools and alternatives in order to assist a broad range of clients with diverse needs. In essence, she has combined all of her professional experiences in leadership, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and biological science with her own personal experiences to lead and motivate others.

Far and above her academic accomplishments and professional experience, Audrey Marlene’s personal setbacks and triumphs have given her the hands-on knowledge and expertise necessary for being an effective leader and Life Strategist. The emotional and physical challenges she had to endure and the strategies to overcome these obstacles has given her tremendous insight into what drives us as human beings and the extraordinary, indomitable spirit we all possess.

Her diverse life experiences combined with her clever approach in motivating and inspiring, gives Audrey Marlene the edge in implementing proven success strategies to create positive, personalized outcomes for her clients. She excels in creating an atmosphere of professionalism reflecting the highest principles, integrity, and standards of excellence.

Audrey Marlene knows her purpose and passion in life - it comes from creating positive ripples that have far-reaching effects in the lives of others and the businesses she associates herself with.

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